Tiny linux in 5 different flavours

1. tinyP ( basic, smallest and all in RAM ) Download

2. tinyPQ ( a bit bigger image but has has qemu,VDE, sqlite,nvme,NFS. All in RAM. ) Download

3. tinyzfs ( has qemu,VDE,sqlite,nvme,NFS and ZFS kernel support, all in RAM. The most complete) Download

4. tinyNR ( this is a writable vdisk that will retain the modifications, smallest RAM consumption ) Download

5. tinyCLQ ( based on a squashfs and overlayfs: It boots with only 67M of RAM and has it is based on tinyPQ ) Download

6. NEW tinyMYSQL ( This version has MariaSQL, sqlite3, NFS, nftables and vuurmuur all in RAM ) Download

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